Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber of Fleet Street 

Director: Peter Pauze

Venue: Denison University Main Stage

Date: February 24 – March 8, 2017

Designers: Owen Nuss and Peter Pauze

The Director wanted to create a historical tie to the hardships of world war II and the poverty of the victorian era. He decided to set the musical during the Blitz in the 1940’s. The poverty and tragedy raised the stakes of killing people and making them into pies because there was a major food scarcity in London at the time. He wanted every setting onstage the whole time as to tell the story like a film. The design evoked the crumbling city environment of a war torn era with structural beams and foundations left to keep the buildings standing, the fragmented metal working mimicked the spider web (trap) that Sweeney set for his clients. 


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Sketches and Rendering

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