Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre Works

2018 summer season

This repertory company in southern Colorado produced “Fly by Night”, “Evita” and “God of Carnage.” The changeover from show to show happened daily, and each play had a different director. Two of the three plays are musicals. This theater space accommodated 90 seats.
Because the space was relatively small, I needed to design a base set that would work for all three shows and have varying elements that were added or subtracted for each individual show.
My role with the company was as Scenic Designer, Technical Director, Wig and Makeup Artist (Evita) and Scenic Charge artist for all three shows.

Concept Statement

The concept for the base design was to provide three, monolithic wall units with inset molding. These acted as classical interior for God of Carnage (home interior) and Evita (tango bar in late 40’s Argentina). The purple blended concrete supports notion of sky plus concrete jungle of NYC in the 1960’s. For Fly by Night, there are insets that pull out for fast local changes, but in a theatrically magical manner. For Evita, the tango bar is rundown and underground. Wall units that attach on top of the concrete facade to enhance the underground Argentinian vibe. For God of Carnage, the set pieces placed in front of the monolithic backgrounds were painted like concrete. Books painted to resembled small towers of rubble were placed around the set and throughout the course of the play the characters utilize these flexible set pieces to destroy their environment.